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DEMONSTRATOR + Supporting scientific research and development works in demonstration scale

The Council of the National Centre for Research and Development in its Resolution nr 1/2013 of 30 January 2013 gave a positive opinion concerning launching new pilot undertaking of supporting scientific research and development works on demonstration scale.


New undertaking aims at enforcement of research result transfer to economy via supporting activities related to elaboration of new technologies or products including testing and demonstration.   


Target addressees are entrepreneurs, scientific consortia and research organizations.


National Centre for Research and Development is working on preparation of application documents to be submitted in frames of planned call for proposals.


Call will be announced in March 2013.


Preliminary information on new undertaking is available:


Pursuant to changes in the guidelines concerning the audit of the projects in the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme, we kindly inform that an audit conducted by an independent and certified auditor is obligatory for each entity (Project Promoter and Project Partner/s)...
We kindly inform that the current templates of periodic report on project implementation are available on the Programme’s webpage, in the ‘Project implementation’ section.Beneficiaries who are to submit the periodic report for 2014 or the years 2013-2014 are obliged to use the current templates.
We kindly inform that the Gender equality: policy, research, society Conference will take place on 9-10 October 2014 at Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79.
An increase of the investment attractiveness of the regions and the use of EU funds to foster innovation of the Polish economy were the main topics of the annual conference "Warsaw Economic Hub", which took place on 10 December in Warsaw.
According to a report prepared by the CEED Institute on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ,Poland has the potential to become a leader of innovation in the region.
The US-Poland Council for Innovation - a platform for co-operation between Polish and American institutions and enterprises - was launched during the inauguration of the Polish-American Innovation Week.
The Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS) has published the latest data on expenditure on R&D in 2013. Thanks to the National Centre for Research and Development’s (NCRD) policy of stimulating the activities of entrepreneurs, the private sector R&D expenditure went up by PLN 950 million...
The launch of the US-Polish Council for Innovations and initiating collaboration with American investors, scientists and entrepreneurs are the main objectives of the Polish - American Innovation Week.
Organized by the Association of Top 500 Innovators, Design Thinking Week 2014 will be held on 20-24 October in Poland’s ten largest cities. The National Centre for Research and Development is a partner of the event.

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